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From The Yard


On the Road Again!

She's back! It is with great pleasure and much excitement that all of us here at the San Bernardino Railroad Historical Society would like to announce the completion of the Federal Railroad Administration-mandated 15-year rebuild. The steam crew has worked tirelessly to restore 3751, once again, to operational status.

Once all the necessary appliances were reinstalled, the steam crew performed another steam test and brought the locomotive to operational temperatures on September 3rd. They safely located and addressed any issues with steam and water leaks; reseated or tightened valves and connections, and even removed and cleaned lines where necessary. With every precaution and total commitment to the safety of all involved, they worked to successfully remove scaling from inside the tender. 

After the larger and more pressing issues were checked off the list, the steam crew then tackled some of the more 'visible' tasks. They polished the bell and reinstalled it to the front of the locomotive. Then the headlight was wired and reinstalled. All in preparation for something coming... Something we have all looked forward to... Santa Fe 3751's return to the mainline! 

We are thrilled and honored to be a part of Amtrak's "Track Safety Community Event!" So plan now and come see 3751 and learn about rail safety at the Fullerton Train Museum on September 24th and September 25th.