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Every 15 years or 1,472 service days, whichever comes first, a steam locomotive must undergo a federally mandated inspection to ensure that it’s boiler is still in top condition. As the amount of service days eludes to, this inspection is commonly known as a “1472 inspection” or “15-Year Rebuild.” With 3751’s last inspection of this magnitude spanning from 2001-2002, the locomotives operational time expired in late 2017. Since then, the San Bernardino Railroad Historical Society (SBRHS) has aggressively been working to complete this massive task to inspect the locomotive’s boiler. This thorough job marks the second of such magnitude in 3751’s restored, excursion service life since the SBRHS returned the engine to service in 1991.

As our highly skilled, all-volunteer crew continues to work almost every weekend to complete this inspection…they can’t turn wrenches for long without your help. This two year-inspection is currently estimated to cost roughly $250,000, which could rise depending on any unprecedented findings and the eventual implication of Positive Train Control (PTC) hardware. 

The SBRHS needs your help to complete this massive project to give 3751 not only another 15 years of life, but many more down the tracks for future generations to enjoy her. While some of the donation levels we offer to participate in supporting this project can be found below, we greatly appreciate any donation, large or small, that will be used directly to support this project to keep 3751 steaming. No amount is too small.

CONDUCTOR LEVEL: $100 to $499

BRAKEMAN LEVEL: $500 to $999

FIREMAN LEVEL: $1,000 to $4,999

ENGINEER LEVEL: $5,000 or more

Thank you for your support. Besides being the oldest surviving, operating member of her class, 3751 is also listed on the ‘National Register of Historic Places’ (NR Reference Number 00001178). You’re not only helping keep a piece of railroad history alive, but also an important piece of American history. 

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The SBRHS is a qualified tax exempt organization, all donations are tax deductible under ruling 501(c)(3) (IRS#EIN330213436). All donations will be acknowledged with documentation of your generous donation. No amount is too small.