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Volunteers are integral to our organization.

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.”
― H. Jackson Brown Jr.

The only reason our organization remains successful is because of our volunteers. Every crew member, manager and director involved in the SBRHS donates their time and more to not only help keep 3751 steaming, but also to help the SBRHS succeed in its overall mission. 
As we strive to do more for our generous supporters and fans, the SBRHS is always looking for dedicated people to join us. Whether its turning wrenches or serving in an administrator role, we welcome anyone who would like to see if they can help us in some way. 
If you would like to help our organization grow in any area you feel confident in, we invite you follow these three simple steps:

1. If you haven't already, we encourage you to become a minimum $40 donor, which can be easily completed through our website by clicking here or by mailing us a check to: 
P.O. Box 2878 San Bernardino, CA 92406-2878

2. To be eligible, all volunteer candidates must be 18 years or older.

3. Please take a moment to fill out and submit the form below. Be sure to describe in detail what area(s) you are interested in helping the SBRHS with and explaining your knowledge and background in this area. 

Current Volunteer Opportunities Available:

  • Writing Articles for SBRHS Publications
  • Support Railcar Mechanic
  • Organizing A Fundraising Event
  • Education Outreach Program Development
  • Steam Locomotive Mechanic
  • Merchandise Development & Sales
  • Special Events Community Outreach
  • Grant Writing
  • San Bernardino Depot Station Host Program
  • Website Management / Development
Contact Information
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Please describe yourself and why you're interested in volunteering with the SBRHS.
Area Interested In
Tell us the area(s) mentioned above that you're interested in helping with and little about yourself and what background experience you have suited to the duties that might be affiliated with this area(s).