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Why Should I Become A Supporter?

Your Support Makes Scenes Like This Possible

‎Becoming a Supporter of SBRHS is a commitment to the future of 3751. By doing so, you are not only helping us keep 3751 steaming, but are also participating in the acquisition, preservation, conservation, restoration, public exhibition, operation, documentation and interpretation of Santa Fe Railroad history, artifacts and equipment.

There are many other reasons to become a Supporter. Not only will you be helping to preserve an irreplaceable piece of American history, you’ll also enjoy a number of benefits and special opportunities.

All Supporters receive both SBRHS full color newsletters: The Crew Car (published twice a year) and the companion Second Section (published quarterly). These publications serve to keep you informed about the plans, progress, maintenance, operations and preservation activities of the SBRHS steam crew and board of directors, as well as the rich history of ATSF 3751. In addition to these perks, you’ll be the first to know about new developments like excursions and be kept up-to-date about all things 3751.

In addition to our regular publications, you’ll receive offers for exclusive Supporter only events and merchandise.

If you have any questions about how you or your business can support the SBRHS, we encourage you to send us a message to begin a dialogue. Also, we would like to suggest you consider the SBRHS in your estate planning.

The SBRHS is a qualified tax exempt organization, all donations are tax deductible under ruling 501(c)(3) (IRS#EIN330213436). All donations will be acknowledged with documentation of your generous donation.

Becoming a regular support of SBRHS and 3751 is easy, just choose from the following:

Choose the Supporter Level that best suits you.

  • Brakeman Level $50: One year subscription to the Crew Car and Second Section newsletters
  • Fireman Level $100+: Add a Santa Fe 3751 print
  • Engineer Level $300+: Add exclusive SBRHS Supporter polo
Please Choose Your Membership Level and Enter Your Information Below:
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Please note that this supporter application to the SBRHS is auto-renewing each year. If you wish to discontinue your support, please click on the “unsubscribe” button or Contact Us.

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To Make a General Donation of any amount of your choice to a specific project (i.e. Building Fund, 15-Year Rebuild, Support Railcars), click on the button below.

You can also Mail-In your donation. You can download and print out our Supporter Form and mail in your donation. Simply make your check payable to “SBRHS” and send your donation to the following address:

SBRHS Supporter Donations
P.O. Box 2878, San Bernardino, CA 92406-2878