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From The Yard


A Canadian Visitor and High-Temp Paint

On September 25, CMO Bob K. skillfully handled the painting of more than a dozen pieces of sheetmetal as he coasted each with a special application of high-temperature paint. Not to be confused with the gloss, black paint you see on the sides of the locomotive's boiler as it thunders down the track, this paint is actually being applied to the backside of each sheetmetal piece - the side the faces the insulation and boiler. Painting each of these with this product will help extend its lifespan as the paint helps deters moisture and in turn, the formation of rust, should any moisture get under the jacketing when the engine is not operating. As Bob K. worked to paint these pieces, a Canadian visitor operating as part of a BNSF Railway movement passed by. 

As for the gloss black paint on the outside, we need your help!! This paint job is estimated to cost upwards of $11,000. If you are interested in making a donation to help us pay for this sizable job, please visit our "Current Needs" page to make a donation specifically toward 3751's 15-Year Rebuild.