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Cab's Backhead Sheet Metal: COMPLETE

On September 18, after hours of meticulous work to carefully reinstall each individual piece of sheet metal to its rightful place, the steam crew could finally step back and look at a steam locomotive cab coming back together. As part of the ongoing boiler inspection, the crew had to remove all of 3751's cab appliances to clear the way for the removal of the sheet metal and insulation that goes on the backhead (the exterior sheet of the firebox that faces into the cab). With all ultrasound readings and the exterior sheet cleaned, the backhead was ready for its insulation and jacketing to return. Having the insulation ready to go was easy, but it was up to CMO Bob K. to carefully strip, clean and have each of the sheet metal pieces repainted before they could go back on. After all that work was complete, it took about an entire day to get all the pieces on.