Photo: Tim L. and CMO Bob K. begin work on 3751’s 15-year boiler rebuild as they reach through the crossheads to remove the lower pieces of the boiler’s jacketing. During this extensive project, all 3751’s jacketing will be removed so the boiler can be ultrasound tested.

Help Support 3751’s Next Chapter of Life During Our
2018-2019 “15-Year Rebuild”

As we begin 3751’s next chapter here in early 2018, the locomotive has officially gone “under the knife” for the extensive inspection on its boiler that many of you have heard about by now. For those that haven’t, every 15 years or 1,472 service days, whichever comes first, a steam locomotive must undergo this federally mandated inspection to ensure that it is in top condition to continue operating. With 3751’s last inspection spanning from 2001-2002, our 15 years have expired and its time to reinspect the boiler. This thorough job will mark the second of such magnitude in 3751’s restored life with the only other project of this size dating back to the original restoration of the locomotive from 1989 to 1991.

While our highly skilled and all-volunteer crew are ready to get their hands dirty…they can’t turn wrenches for long without your help. Currently estimated to cost roughly $250,000, which could rise depending on any unprecedented findings and the possible implication of Positive Train Control (PTC) hardware on the locomotive, the SBRHS needs your help to complete this massive project to give 3751 another 15 years of life. Every penny you donate goes directly to the work on the locomotive. Below are some of the levels we offer to participate in donating for this project:

  • CONDUCTOR LEVEL: $100 to $499
  • BRAKEMAN LEVEL: $500 to $999
  • FIREMAN LEVEL: $1,000 to $4,999
  • ENGINEER LEVEL: $5,000 or more


In addition to the above levels, any donation you can make is greatly appreciated and encouraged. Select the donation level you wish to participate and complete the simple form below. No amount is too little.

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The SBRHS is a qualified tax exempt organization, all donations are tax deductible under ruling 501(c)(3) (IRS#EIN330213436). All donations will be acknowledged with documentation of your generous donation. No amount is too small.