As plans for 3751’s upcoming 15-year boiler inspection come to a head and the physical work on the locomotive is scheduled to begin in the coming months, the San Bernardino Railroad Historical Society (SBRHS) would like to take a moment to recap the engine’s last outing under steam prior to this inspection as it joined the first annual Summer Train Fest last month.

Taking place on the afternoon of July 15, 2017 at the historic Los Angeles Union Station, Santa Fe 3751 joined a flurry of vintage passenger rail equipment including the venerable private cars Tioga Pass, Overland Trail, National Forum and Pacific Trail for viewing by thousands of attendees. For a more modern take on today’s passenger rail operations, both Amtrak and Metrolink offered those present chance to view both coaches and locomotive’s – with Metrolink providing one of their newest, Tier IV F125 units for the display.

Inside the historic 1939-built depot, thousands of attendees had the opportunity to visit model railroad booths, check out a wide selection of railroad themed merchandise and receive a special, limited edition Summer Trainfest pin.

At the conclusion of the event, as many fans and supporters said goodbye to 3751 until its boiler inspection is completed, a group of 30 photographers had the opportunity to join the locomotive under steam on the original Santa Fe Railway, 1927-built Redondo turntable that is still used today by Amtrak. Located inside Amtrak’s 8th Street coach yard with the turntable pit located just a stones throw away from Redondo Junction, the locomotive was posed with period-dressed reenactors and a vintage automobile with professional lighting provided by well-known photographer Steve Crise to help take those present back in time for a few hours of photography.

Every penny from this outing, ranging from merchandise booth sales, cab tours down to the closed night photography session will go directly to helping speed the process of the upcoming boiler inspection – projected to take one, possibly two years. Should you find yourself able to – your donation could help speed this inspection even further and help return 3751 to steam for another 15 years. To do so, click on the red “3751” box at the top right of your screen and become an official 3751 supporter or simply donate today.

Photo Credit: Night Image by Steve Crise, Day Image by Austin Goodwin. Both images used with permission.