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History of Santa Fe 3751: A Pioneer 4-8-4 (Written by Lloyd E. Stagner) The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway during the administration of Edward H. Ripley (who oversaw its rebuilding during his 1895-1920 term as president) was a pioneer [...] View More

The 3751 was a pioneer 4-8-4 locomotive for both the Santa Fe Railroad and the Baldwin Locomotive Works. As such, extensive testing was done on the locomotive during its first years on the railroad. The first set of mechanical articles [...] View More

Specifications of Santa Fe 3751 Price (In May of 1927): $99,712.77 (Santa Fe paid $252,335 for 2926 in 1944) Price (in 2012 dollars): $1,303,662.16 Type: 4-8-4 3751 Class, 14 engines built 3751-3764. Builder: Baldwin Locomotive Works, Philadelphia, PA. Service: Passenger [...] View More

Timeline of Santa Fe 3751 1926Santa Fe Railway, in cooperation with Baldwin Locomotive Works, designs Santa Fe’s first 4-8-4, as a coal burner. 1927In May, 3751 emerges from the erecting hall as the Santa Fe’s and Baldwin’s first 4-8-4, builder’s number [...] View More

Comparison of Remaining Northerns (4-8-4) Welcome to the 4-8-4 comparison page, where you can compare general specifications of currently operable 4-8-4's - as well as some 4-8-4's that are not operable (being restored, undergoing new FRA recertification or waiting to [...] View More