• Baldwin Locomotive Works Builder's Photo of 3751

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Timeline of Santa Fe 3751
  • 1926

    Santa Fe Railway, in cooperation with Baldwin Locomotive Works, designs Santa Fe’s first 4-8-4, as a coal burner. 
  • 1927

    In May, 3751 emerges from the erecting hall as the Santa Fe’s and Baldwin’s first 4-8-4, builder’s number 60004. 
  • 1928

    Tests show 3751 to be 20% more efficient and powerful than the 3700 class (4-8-2’s).
  • 1936

    3751 is converted burn oil at the San Bernardino Shops.
  • 1938

    3751 receives a larger roller bearing equipped tender with capacities of 20,000 gallons of water, and 7,107 gallons of oil. It is also assigned as a standby for the new diesel-electric streamliner the Super Chief.
  • 1939

    3751 hauls the first named passenger train 'The Scout' into the new Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal on opening day, May 7.
  • 1941

    3751 completes it's modernization for high speed operation with a new frame, 80 inch drivers, and roller bearings all around, along with other upgrades. It's highest recorded speed was 103 miles per hour.
  • 1952

    3751 makes a brief appearance in the ending scenes of the 1952 drama "Boots Malone," which stares William Holden, at the Santa Fe's Pasadena Station. In the movie, the station is renamed 'Dellington' and the train the locomotive is pulling is dubbed the 'Michigan Flyer.'
  • 1953

    3751 pulls the last steam powered passenger train from San Diego on August 23, the engine's last revenue run before being stored serviceable temporarily at Los Angeles' Redondo Junction Roundhouse. 
  • 1957

    Officially retired from the Santa Fe Locomotive roster and donated to the city of San Bernardino.
  • 1958

    3751 becomes the oldest existing 4-8-4 as the first 12 built by Alco are scrapped by the Northern Pacific - as that railroad fully dieselizes. 3751 is placed in Viaduct Park, San Bernardino as a static display May 14, 1958.
  • 1981

    The San Bernardino Railroad Historical Society is formed with intentions of protecting the locomotive and possibly restoring her to operational condition.
  • 1986

    3751 is sold to the SBRHS by the city of San Bernardino for $1, with conditions - the SBRHS must restore and operate the locomotive. With the help of volunteers, the Santa Fe and a lot of panel track 3751 is moved out of Viaduct Park on April 30, and into California Steel Industries in Fontana, where the majority of restoration is performed.
  • 1991

    3751 returns to steam on August 15. December 20 is the official Christening and Dedication Ceremony for the 3751 as she is returned to steam, the newly restored locomotive pulls a freight train from San Bernardino to Los Angeles as a break in run.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download The California Limited Excursion operates December 27-30 from Los Angeles to Bakersfield and return via Cajon and Tehachapi passes.
  • 1992

    3751 pulls the Santa Fe Railway Employee Appreciation Special, August 30 to September 16, Los Angeles - Chicago - Los Angeles.
  • 1995

    On April 21 the 3751 is the last locomotive serviced at the Santa Fe's San Bernardino Yards Complex. Most of the 72 buildings in the yard complex will be demolished to make way for an intermodal facility. 3751 had been stored in the Car Shops of the complex, then the Santa Fe offered the SBRHS a siding between Lytle Creek wash and the Metrolink flyover just west of the Depot in San Bernardino - as a temporary home. April 22-23 3751 is displayed under steam at the 'Sunkist Orange Blossom Festival' in Riverside.
  • 1996

    3751 is again displayed under steam at Riversides 'Sunkist Orange Blossom Festival', in April.
  • 1999

    The siding that the Santa Fe provided as a temporary storage site needed to be vacated, the SBRHS negotiates a lease with Amtrak to store the locomotive and tool car in the Redondo Junction Roundhouse in Los Angeles. To physically get there, 3751 pulls a BNSF train to Hobart Yard in Los Angeles on January 12, and is stored at Amtrak's Redondo Junction Roundhouse. SBRHS signs a lease for museum property (east of Santa Fe Depot) in San Bernardino on April 21, but the lease is never signed by the San Bernardino mayors office. Displayed under steam for Amtrak employee picnic on May 1 at Redondo Junction. 3751 travels to Sacramento to be on hot display at CSRM's 'Railfair 99' June 18-27.
  • 2000

    3751 becomes the last steam locomotive to be serviced at the Redondo Junction Roundhouse before it was dismantled by Amtrak in August. The locomotive is again stored outside in the elements, however, Amtrak provides a large tarp to cover the engine with during the winter. The locomotive's sole outing for this year was its appearance during the filming in the 2001 action movie "Pearl Harbor." During it's brief appearance in the movie, the locomotive was cold and moved via Amtrak locomotive's at Los Angeles Union Station.  On October 4, 2000, steam locomotive No. 3751 was listed on the 'National Register of Historic Places' (NR Reference Number 00001178).
  • 2001

    In May the locomotive participates in a local event in Fullerton, CA and is displayed hot for the weekend at 'Fullerton Railroad Days'. Later that year, the SBRHS begins the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)'s 1472 boiler inspection-recertification process for 3751 - the first inspection of this magnitude since the engine was restored back to operational condition in 1991. 
  • 2002

    3751 completes its rebuilding for a new 15 year FRA boiler recertification. 3751 pulls a flawless trip to the NRHS Convention in Williams, Arizona - August 19-25. 3751 is also 75 years young this year, and still running strong.
  • 2003

    Volunteers are busy early this year and raise a new compound fence, reorganize the Reefer Car, and work to replace cylinder rings and valves with funds raised through the 'Presidents Challenge'. SBRHS reviews operational opportunities and new locations for a home - not in San Bernardino. SBRHS volunteers work to complete the cylinder work and prepare the engine for its scheduled trip to San Diego in September, which was cancelled as no insurance could be found, an attempt to reschedule is planned for the spring of 2005. Volunteers participate in fundraising events at Fullerton Railroad Days on May 5 and the San Bernardino Orange Show on May 24-26.
  • 2004

    3751 is invited to participate in the re-opening of the San Bernardino depot after its extensive restoration process. SBRHS hosts their first Educational Outreach Program in San Pedro, California. 
  • 2005

    3751 appears at a private steam up at Los Angeles Union Station for Metrolink as they host the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Annual Commuter Rail Conference on April 2-3. 3751 participates in a private steam up on April 30th for the Los Angeles Railroad Historical Foundation (LARHF) when they tour the locomotive at Redondo Junction during a Santa Fe retrospective in Los Angeles. The 3751 attends Fullerton Railroad Days on May 7-8. On June 23, the 3751 is steamed up and on display at Los Angeles Union Station for the Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society Convention.
  • 2005

    3751 rolled out for another edition of the Educational Outreach Program at Los Angeles Union Station of February 6-9 to the delight of 850 school children. Schools from Wilmington, Burbank, Los Angeles and San Pedro participated.
  • 2007

    SBRHS hosted two more hugely successful Educational Outreach Programs, the first was held February 11-17 at Los Angeles Union Station and the second was held in San Pedro April 15 to 22. Between these two events, 3751 was visited by 1,550 school children.
  • 2008

    In May, 3751 participated in the Fullerton Railroad Days before that event was temporarily canceled. On June 1, 3751 made an historic return to San Diego for the first time in 55 years, pulling an excursion train for the Central Coast Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society. In September, 3751 returned to San Diego for the second time pulling the annual American Association of Private Rail Car Owners (AAPRCO) excursion train.
  • 2009

    In May, 3751 was fired up for participation in the Amtrak Employee Appreciation Day at the Amtrak 8th Street Yard. 3751 and crew play host to Amtrak President Joseph Boardman, who toured the locomotive cab. 3751 participated in National Train Day and was put on hot display at Los Angeles Union Station.
  • 2010

    3751 made an overnight trip to San Diego and return, May 1-2. This was the third trip to San Diego in 2 years. The day before the San Diego trip, 3751 and crew participated in Amtrak's Employee Appreciation Day at the 8th Street Yard in Los Angeles. 3751 traveled to San Bernardino for National Train Day and the City of San Bernardino Bi-Centennial celebration.
  • 2011

    3751 steams to San Bernardino with a passenger train for the City's annual Railroad Days at the historic Santa Fe Depot, April 16-17. Visitors flocked to view her arriving/departing and participated in cab tours. 3751 is displayed under steam for National Train Day at Los Angeles Union Station. 3751 was decked out for the holiday season, steamed up and put on hot display at Los Angeles Union Station December 10 and 11 in conjunction with Amtrak's 40th Anniversary Museum Train. 3751's attendance helped make this event one of the most attended in the museum train's year-long cross-country journey.
  • 2012

    3751 steams to San Bernardino with a passenger train for the City's annual Railroad Days at the historic Santa Fe Depot on April 21-22, Visitors flocked to view her arriving/departing and participated in cab tours. 3751 is displayed under steam for National Train Day on May 12 at Los Angeles Union Station. On Monday, May 14, 3751 departed Los Angeles to the Grand Canyon, for the first time in a decade. Over the six day round-trip journey the "Grand Canyon Limited" traveled more than 1,300 miles as part of the Arizona Centennial Celebration. The successful trip was sponsored by the Central Coast Railway Club.
  • 2013

    3751 is 85 years young and still running strong. In April, 3751 steams to San Bernardino with a passenger train for the City’s annual Railroad Days event at the historic Santa Fe Depot, sporting former Super Chief dormitory/lounge car "Acoma" among other historic passenger cars. 3751 is also displayed under steam for National Train Day on May 12 at Los Angeles Union Station. In late 2013, 3751 is brought out to Los Angeles Union Station as a backdrop for the filming of an episode of “Mob City.” 3751’s whistle is recorded for use in promotional material by Metrolink.
  • 2014

    For the 5th consecutive year, 3751 proudly steams from Los Angeles to San Bernardino and return in mid-April with a train of five car passenger cars. This trip, part of the city’s annual San Bernardino Railroad Day’s celebration, would mark the last trip 3751 could make to San Bernardino for at least three years as Metrolink began development of new track alignments at the jointly used Amtrak – Metrolink depot. Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download
  • 2016

    In April, 3751 has a fire in her belly for the first time in 2016 as she steams to Los Angeles Union Station to be on display as part of the 2016 California Passenger Rail Summit. The following month, the engine takes part in the annual Fullerton Railroad Days celebration. During the last evening of the event, the SBRHS holds its first ever closed, professional night photography session. In July, 3751 finds herself at Los Angeles Union Station once again now on display as part of Metrolink's unveiling of the new F125, Tier 4 complaint locomotive. With the success of this outing, Metrolink next requests 3751 to travel to Acton, Calif. - located deep in the heart of Soledad Canyon. Under the cover of darkness on September 27, 3751 becomes the first mainline steam locomotive to traverse the rails between Los Angeles and Burbank in 24 years and the first to traverse the rails between Burbank and Acton in 32 years. In mid-December, the locomotive makes its final steam up for the year as it attends the Trainfest and Toy Drive at Los Angeles Union Station hosted by LOSSAN and the Pacific Surfliner.
  • 2017

    In early May, 3751 again steams to the annual Fullerton Railroad Days event. On the second evening of its stay, the SBRHS holds its second close night photography session that includes many reenactors and an original, WWII 1944-built Jeep. In mid-July, 3751 makes an appearance at the Summer Trainfest at Los Angeles Union Station. At the conclusion of this event, the SBRHS hosts the first formal, night photography session on the grounds of the Redondo turntable with 3751 posed in different angles on the table with reenacts and vintage vehicles. For its last outing of 2017, 3751 joins the second annual L.A. Union Station Holiday TrainFest & Toy Drive. 
  • 2018

    Most of 2018 will find 3751 undergoing its Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) 15-year, mandated boiler inspection. This inspection is tentatively scheduled to take up to two years...but with your help, we can complete it sooner! Check out our "Support 3751" tab above and see if you can help keep 3751 steam'n for future operations. Every penny you donate goes directly to the locomotive.