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From The Yard


Boiler Sheet Metal Prep & Painting

As of this update, March 9, 2021, the steam crew has finally begun to see "the light at the end of the tunnel" for the stripping, priming and final gloss coating of beautiful urethane paint on the total of 75 pieces of sheet metal jacketing that wrap around 3751's boiler. The arrival of SBRX 1161, the newly acquired baggage car that will be transformed into the a mobile tool car to travel with 3751 on outings, could not have arrived on site at Redondo Junction at a better time. While it is a long ways away from having tools and such moved into it, the sheltered, empty space inside this car has provided an exceptional storage place for all the parts taken off 3751 and even has had 1/4 of the car transformed into a formal paint booth - seen in the photo accompanying this post.