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From The Yard


Repairing Steam Dome Section

On December 12,  as many on the crew socially distanced by working on projects related to 3751 and the new tool car, CMO Bob K. worked on repairing one side of the steam dome base. This piece, part of the many pieces of sheet metal that cover the locomotive's boiler, is original to the 1927-build date of 3751. Despite being heavily corded after it's time with the Santa Fe and sitting in the park in San Bernardino, past crew member Wayne T. did an absolutely beautiful job patching and restoration this piece so it's lifespan could be extended. To help this piece's time on the locomotive continue, Bob K. worked to smooth out any divots and other rough areas with an application on bondo. Once smoothed and dried, Bob will work to paint this piece on primer and a final coat of glass black.