About 3751
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The San Bernardino Railroad Historical Society (SBRHS) was formed in 1981 with the purpose of maintaining and restoring former Santa Fe Steam Locomotive #3751. A turning point in the organization came in 1986 when the SBRHS was able to purchase the locomotive from the City of San Bernardino for $1.00 and relocated the locomotive to the California Steel Industries facility (formerly Kaiser Steel) in Fontana, California.

Restoration of the locomotive became a 5 year process, and in August of 1991 a fire was lit in the firebox for the first time in 38 years. In December of 1991, 3751 returned to passenger duty pulling the California Limited between Los Angeles and Bakersfield. Steam had officially returned to the Santa Fe. For more information on the operations of 3751 since its return to service, visit our Timeline page.

Today, Santa Fe 3751 is one of the premiere steam locomotives operating in the United States and is maintained to a high standard by the all volunteer crew of the SBRHS. And she is the oldest operating 4-8-4. The crew works weekly on the locomotive and support equipment to ensure that when the call comes to take 3751 on the road, the locomotive is always in top condition.

For any questions you have about the SBRHS or would like to ask one of our crew, feel free to contact us.

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