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Framing for the Tarp

Today, the crew focused on upgrading the engine tarp cover by attaching frames to the handrails. The framework is similar to the frames in a covered wagon. Once complete, tarps will be draped over the entire locomotive, providing the protection needed […]

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Welding Lesson

Dan conducts a lesson in arc welding for Lisa as Dave looks on. They are building railing clamps for temporary frames for tarps to cover 3751 in the rainy season. Keep a watch here for updates to progress on this […]

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Ready for the Rain

Bob and Ken were busy last weekend getting 3751 buttoned up for the rainy season, always bittersweet when we have to close her up, but she’ll be back in full steam next year. As always, thank you for supporting 3751.

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July Work at the Yard

After laying off for the long July 4th weekend the crew resumed work the past two weeks on two big projects. First, the turret valves.   This is a repacking process to stem leaks and work will continue until all valves have been upgraded. The […]

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June Maintenance

This weekend, maintenance on 3751 continued with the crew reinstalling control valves that connect the handles on the green turret in the cab to the various pipes & appliances.

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TBT: Early 90’s

Jeff Ritter (L) and H.L. Davis inspect the surface of a main rod after extensive grinding and polishing (photo by Joel Jenson, restoration years).

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Prep for San Bernardino -Part II

Steam Log: 4.11.14Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download Preparations continue out at Redondo. Today the list includes giving 3751 a bath, finalizing [mechanical stuff that needed to be done], installing the thingamabob in the cab, putting on the jewelry, […]

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Prep for San Bernardino

Steam Log: 4.10.2014 The crew is busy getting 3751 ready for her annual excursion to San Bernardino. Step one was adding water to the boiler on Wednesday night. The first of the crew arrives at Redondo Junction at o’dark thirty on Thursday morning […]

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Filling the Boiler

The crew begins filling the boiler  to be ready for a morning light-off as the preparations for San Bernardino officially begin. It will take another 48 hours before she’s at full power. Who’s ready for some steam?

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Grease Sticks

In just over a week, these beauties will be really handy to have around…for those not familiar, they are hard grease sticks made by the crew. Every 150 miles or so, the crew uses the Alemite guns to squeeze them […]

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Annual Inspection: Passed

In this view from the other end of the locomotive, we are looking through the fire door into the firebox with the combustion chamber and rear tube sheet beyond. During the annual inspection, the boiler is “squeezed” above its normal […]

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Annual Smokebox Cleaning

New crew members Tim Logan and Doreen Leaf had the honors of cleaning out the smokebox this year. The work was in preparation for our annual hydro test. Although the 3751 no longer burns coal, soot and sand (used to […]

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