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Warren Peterson

Warren Peterson has been involved with 3751 and the SBRHS since the locomotive’s original restoration. He currently serves as President for the society as of January of 2016 after serving as Vice President the previous year. A fire service professional, most recently as Fire Chief with the East Olympia Fire Protection District in Washington state, Warren has historically has put his fire service experience and contacts to use by arranging fire department support for 3751 water stops during excursions. Warren currently divides his time between work, family, church, the SBRHS and his love for the live steam hobby.



Fred Hill

T Fredrick (Fred) Hill has been involved with 3751 and the SBRHS from its inception. He has served as Vice President, a position he is holding once again since July 2018, Merchandising Manager, Coordinator of Field Operations and on the Board of Directors for many years. Fred serves as a Director on many railroad-related boards including: the Hobby Manufacturer Association (HMA), National Retail Hobby Association (NRHSA), Southern Pacific Historical Society (SPH&TS) and Narrow Gauge Preservation Foundation (NGPF). Fred manufacturers model trains and owns two hobby stores in the greater Los Angeles area.


Peter Hills

Peter Hills has been involved with 3751 as a supporter since the early days of the restoration, and as a Board Member since 1999. He currently serves as the society’s Secretary and Administrative Manager as of July 2018. A retired fire chief officer, Peter now divides his time between SBRHS, serving on his local fire district board, as well as several other non-profit boards and in his free time is building a model railroad layout.



Ronald Gustafson

Ron Gustafson has been involved with 3751 since the Fall of 1990 and currently serves on the Board as a Director for the society. Ron is President of Coast Packing Company founded by his grandfather in 1922. He is currently motivating the company’s success as a shortening manufacturer. He is also involved with four other 501c3 foundations.



Matthew Casford

Matt Casford joined the SBRHS in 1999. He currently serves as the society’s Operations Manager, coordinating 3751’s movements with companys like BNSF, Amtrak and Metrolink. Matt’s thorough experience with the in’s and out’s of 3751 goes as far back as being apart of the mechanical crew that completed the 1472 boiler work in 2002. He went on to participate as a mechanical/engine crewmember on most of the trips between 2000 and 2009. In 2004 he hired out with the BNSF Railway in Los Angeles and later transferred to Austin, Texas in 2009. When not working on “big” train stuff you can find Matt enjoying time with his wife, Amy, and their 4 kids in and around Austin.



Bob Kittel

Bob Kittel has been involved with 3751 and SBRHS since inception. He was part of the original restoration crew and instrumental in bringing 3751 to its current Los Angeles home. He currently serves as Director and Chief Mechanical Officer for the society. He has been a member of the Board of Directors since 19nn and has served as [list]. Bob is part-time retired, part-time building contractor, consulting engineer for the ceramics industry and mechanical supervisor for 3751. When not working or managing 3751 activities, he enjoys spending time on his surfboard, sailing/boating, tinkering with his classic cars and spending time with his granddaughter.



Alex Gillman

Alex Gillman has been actively involved with 3751 since 2013. He cuurrently serves as a Director, Webmaster and the society’s official photographer. A California State University, Northridge, graduate, Alex has secured a degree in Journalism – Public Relations that he currently uses to serve both the Los Angeles Fire Department and its supporting nonprofit organization. When not assisting the crew during operations or weekly work sessions at the yard, Alex divides his time between his work, professional photography business and spending time with family and friends.

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Brendon Hilton

Brendon Hilton has been involved with 3751 since 2015 after working as part of the BNSF Railway crew that assisted in taking 3751 home to Los Angeles after Fullerton Railroad Days that year. He currently serves as a Director and plays an important role in 3751’s maintenance and operating crews whenever the locomotive comes out. Working for the BNSF Railway as a locomotive engineer, Brendon is the president of division 398 of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers in San Bernardino, Calif. When not on the standard gauge side of things, he enjoys spending time in his shop working on 15″ gauge, live steam projects with friends and family.

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Paul Prine

Paul Prine has been involved with 3751 since 1990 as part of the Fontana-based restoration team. He currently serves as a Director and the Treasurer for the society. A member of the Board of Directors since 1994, Paul served as Secretary from 1992 to 2012. Now a retired pharmacist with more than 20 years of mid-level management experience in managed care, Paul divides his time between the SBRHS, environmental and social justice issues, home handyman projects and entertaining four grandchildren. Paul has been a life-long rail enthusiast and modeler, with a special passion for Colorado narrow gauge preservation. He is also engaged in constructing his own HOn3 model railroad as time permits.

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